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How deep are your fitted sheets?

Our fitted sheets are a generous 16 inches deep to allow plenty of room to fit them on any mattress.

Is your bedding eco-friendly?

Compared to growing cotton, linen requires less water during the irrigation process—60 percent less, to be exact. The flax that linen comes from is hardier than cotton and repels pests naturally, making it a better choice for those concerned with improving our environment.

Does linen bedding wrinkle easily? If so, can I iron it?

Like all natural products, linen does wrinkle. It’s easy to iron, though, if you prefer to iron your bedsheets. Don’t worry—it’s an easy-care fabric. Just use your iron’s manufacturer’s recommended settings for the material.

Where does the linen come from for your bedding?

We use exclusively French linen. Crafted from the finest all-natural flax, French linen is valued for its elegance, durability, and softness.

What certifications does your bedding have?

Our bedding is certified by Oeko-Tex. That means you can rest assured that your bedding contains no artificial chemicals or synthetic additives.

Is your bedding artificially softened?

No. We use no artificial colors or softening agents on our fabrics. Our bedding is 100 percent natural, 100 percent linen. Furthermore, linen becomes softer with every wash—naturally. You’ll never need to use fabric softeners with our linen bedding.

How durable will my linen bedding be?

We’re not saying that our linen bedding will endure for thousands of years, but it is a durable fabric. Remember King Tut? When archaeologists discovered his mummy back in 1922, some of the linen shroud that covered the body was perfectly preserved—even some of the printing on the cloth. That’s not only due to the dryer temperatures in Egypt. In eastern Turkey, a temperate climate similar to that of the southern United States, archaeologists found a piece of 9,000-year-old linen attached to a tool made from bone. Now that’s a testament to linen’s durability! Furthermore, linen bedding isn’t likely to yellow as it ages, as does cotton. Linen will become whiter the more you wash it.

What is the thread count of your bedding?

In years past, thread counts were the be-all and end-all of bedding. That’s no more the case. Although linen is naturally not as tightly woven as cotton—and thus has a much lower thread count, it is more durable than cotton or cotton-synthetic blends, regardless of their thread count. Therefore, you never have to pay through the nose for high thread-count cotton to get world-class bedding.

What is your return policy?

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason just simply send us the item(s) back and we will process you returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase no questions asked.
You may return new, unwashed items retailed by within 30 days of delivery for a complete refund. We will contact you once we receive the merchandise, so please include your contact information as well as the order number with your return.